Date: 2008-04-22 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I find it kind of interesting that yours is the only journal where I've seen this meme posted where the majority of the comments risked actually being critical/honest. And I wonder if that's because you seem to have a decent sense of self-esteem/ability to take criticism, or maybe you're just more known and so more people are commenting. I've resisted being entirely honest in the other journals, for fear of causing distress to certain paper-thin egos ( that's not a dig at anyone - all fangirls tend to have paper-thin egos, as a general rule).

My honest comment to you, regarding your work, is this: It took a while for your art style to grow on me, but it has quite a lot. I don't agree with your visual representation/interpretation of the Dethklok characters in some ways, but your style reminded me vaguely of Aeon Flux when I first saw it (God knows why, and that isn't an insult), so I kept looking and I do like that it's a style that is distinct without being derivative of, say, Japanese manga. That is, I enjoy looking at it, even when I'm not agreeing with it. Which is unusual for me. Although I admit that I also like your women more than your men, most of the time, and for some reason sometimes when you draw the Metalocalypse characters as women, I recognize more of their personality-from-the-show in them than when you draw them regularly. I have no idea why that is.

While I can see where people are coming from when they say that your stuff is often repetitive, I applaud your ability to be consistent. Most amateur artists/fanartists aren't, myself included. Because we know what your Skwisgaar looks like, we instantly recognize him in a picture - no matter what position or part of him the picture is of. That kind of consistency takes discipline - and requires drawing a character over and over again. Which is pretty repetitive, and why so few artists accomplish it.

Personally and non-fanart related, I have enjoyed exchanges with you and I think you're a clever and interesting girl. There's a lot I think I'd like to know about you.
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