Date: 2008-04-22 11:01 pm (UTC)
They're probably being more critical/honest because I can take a hit *lol* I've been taking them IRL for quite a while, so the internet is no worry :3

You're right to say that you can see a bit of Aeon Flux in my art (no offense taken at that, btw) because Peter Cheung is one of my many influences.

And you're right about art being consistent. Skwisgaar (or anyone else I draw) would look odd if I drew him differently each and every time. Modernist!Skwisgaar in one pic, Pre-Raphaelite!Skwisgaar in the next wouldn't really add up after a while. Besides, he and the rest of the characters look the same in every episode (with the exception of the occasional wardrobe change) So why not have that carry over into fanart?

And like I've said before, my art gets to be repetitive because there are certain poses/situations I like to draw a character in because that's what I enjoy. But I forgot to keep in mind that not everyone likes what I like, so I ended up flooding a fandom with things I found appealing without really thinking about other people. I'm not gonna lie when I say I feel bad about that.

And I'm glad you like the women I draw, even though I don't dwell on the female form as much as I should *makes a note to draw more girls*

And hey. Drop me a note if you wanna know me ^^
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