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Borrowed from [personal profile] deddybear who borrowed from everyone else that did this...

Feel free to say whatever you want/think about me anonymously.

This entry is not F-locked, so it's open to anyone that wishes to participate.

No IP logging. No tracing. No screened comments. No games of any kind here.

Let's give it a go, shall we? :D

Date: 2008-04-22 10:30 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I have been stunned by your talent and your skill at drawing. I can't understand why people think you are repetitive. Your style is [b]your style[/b]. Draw what your muses and your heart says, not what a small group of asshats say you should draw.

I've been blown away by all of your art, your Dethklok stuff and your original characters. I've been a myth and legends fan for a long time and those beings are just amazing to me.

I also find you are an amazing person. Yeah, you have made mistakes with some people, but you aren't the only one at fault. Each side has to take responsibility for her or his own actions.

I am proud to say I know you. I hope you consider me a friend as much as I consider you a friend. And I hope one day to meet you in person.


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