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2008-04-23 12:22 pm
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Hey all *waves*

In lieu of yesterday's Anon-meme (thank you for all the comments both good and bad, btw), I've decided to open up a journal solely for practicing on improving my art.


Clever title, ja?

This is where I'll be dumping all of my random sketches and whatnot. It's open to the public, so drop on by and give me some pointers okay?

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2008-02-06 05:54 pm
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Yet Another Art-Related Announcement...

To all the folks on my friends list who just want to see my art without wading through the silliness and other whatnot in my LJ, just click this link...


It'll take you right to all the crap I post here :D

Just so you know, not all of it's worksafe. And some of it may be... *dramatic pause*... sssssssslashy XD

Enjoy ^^
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2006-11-28 12:28 am
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Important(?) Please Read

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Since my life is quite boring and uneventful. I'll mainly be using this to show my non-Dethklok art, original characters (OC) and other sketchy, doodle-y odds and ends that don't really belong in any of my galleries or any LJ communities.

But who knows... Some Deth-stuff may pop up now and then *sly smirk...shifty eyes*

p.s. It's friends only, BTW ^_^

Comment here if you wish to be added

Thank you,